Improve Your Child's Hitting Game NOW with Private Baseball & Softball Lessons in Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ!

Evan White's Hitting Lessons are a great way to get in those extra swings that one cannot possibly get at a team practice with 12-15 other players. His one-on-one hitting sessions guarantee quality swings in a friendly environment.

His goals are to teach the proper hitting mechanics in a SIMPLE manner and increase players' confidence at the plate, all while having fun!

Evan is easily able to connect with players of all ages, as he has mentored students in little leagues, hitting clinics across the valley, high schools, sleep-away camps, and student programs abroad.

The competition continues to improve across Arizona and private batting lessons are a great way to increase one's odds of making high school teams; hitting better; and hitting with confidence.

Evan White Hitting Lessons Scottsdale and Phoenix

Right now until Sept. 1st, 2019 you can sign up for the GOLD or SILVER Hitting Package of private one-on-one hitting lessons with Evan White. Lessons may be arranged at The Cages Training Facility (N. Phoenix) or The Scottsdale Batting Cages. (Packaged deals are prepaid, but can be paid after the first lesson in the package)

The Gold Hitting Package includes:

THREE- 1 hour hitting lessons for $255 (at The Cages & The Scottsdale Batting Cages)

This is a savings of $15!

(includes cost of batting cage)

The Silver Hitting Package includes:

THREE- 1/2 hour hitting lessons for $135 (at The Cages & The Scottsdale Batting Cages)

This is a savings of $15!

(includes cost of batting cage)

This is a great gift for any ballplayer out there!

Individual sessions of 30 minutes and 1 hour are also available.

In the busy world we live in, sometimes we don’t have enough time to train or learn how to train our kids in baseball/softball. It’s also not enjoyable to watch them struggling to hit the ball hard and to all fields. However, with some one-on-one drills and private coaching, your child can become a more successful hitter! Click HERE for some FAQ about batting lessons.

*Fielding and pitching lessons are also available.

What People Are Saying

Check out Evan's YouTube hitting page HERE and his hitting videos HERE.

Over 90% of Coach Evan's students have signed up for multiple hitting lessons!

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Please contact Evan at or at 602-527-2998.

Evan White is a former 4-year Brophy College Preparatory baseball player and University of Arizona Alumni. He trains baseball and softball players from 5-years-old all the way through the high school level. With Little League and high school level coaching experience, Evan is able to engage his students to become better ballplayers through hitting drills and positive reinforcement. In the past year alone, he has worked with over 85 local players. He also worked with his sister, Leah White, who was a standout softball player at Stanford University.

Evan Batting Lessons Scottsdale
Batting Lessons Scottsdale Phoenix Evan White