Which Batting Tee is Best

Post date: Aug 6, 2014 6:37:26 AM

Oh no, here comes another story about “When I was growing up…” Anyways, when I was growing up, all the kids who played baseball or softball had the same exact tee. This was the standard black plastic tee. It did the job, but no one ever talked about how good it was.

Moving forward 15-20 years to today, there are hundreds of different tees to choose from--tees of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Below are some of the strangest ones that I have seen:

While most of them probably serve a purpose, my favorite tee to use during my girls’ softball lessons and my boys' baseball lessons is a Tanner Tee. This tee has a sturdy base, which is important when one occasionally hits the tee by accident. It also has soft, flexible rubber on which the baseball/softball is placed. This helps to prevent damaging the bat by protecting it from the hard plastic that is typical of other tees. Driving down on a softball or baseball is key to hitting line drives and this tee helps the hitter do that without slowing down his or her bat speed. You can purchase a tee online or locally at The Cages Facility.

One other tee that has worked out for me during my private softball and baseball instruction is a tripod tee. Below is a picture of a Rawlings tripod tee:

As I mentioned, there are TONS of different models of tees out there so don’t hesitate to ask if you have a question about one!