Where Should Baseball/Softball Players Stand in the Batter’s Box? Part 1

Post date: Sep 27, 2014 8:51:06 PM

One of the first things I notice at the beginning of my one-on-one private baseball/softball lessons at The Cages or The Scottsdale Batting Cages is where the player stands in the batter’s box. Most times at the beginning of my lessons, I notice that the player stands too far away from home plate.

Standing too far away from home plate can cause two major issues:

    1. When a player is swinging at a ball, he/she will hit the ball at the end of the bat, causing it to be hit weakly. Most importantly, that player will feel a strong vibration in his/her hands, which will cause stinging in the hands.
    2. The player will swing and completely miss the ball, as the ball will be too far away from the bat.

However, on the opposite side of the spectrum, standing too close to the plate can also cause problems. The biggest problem that batters will face is that they will get jammed. This is when the batter hits the ball too far down on the bat (towards their hands). It is also known as “hitting it off your hands.” This will make the bat vibrate strongly again, resulting in more stinging pain! The ball that is hit will once again be hit without much power. Many times batters will not be able to extend through the swing.

Now that we know that standing too far or too close can cause issues, where do we stand? A good way to tell (which I show in my private lessons) is to reach out your arm (holding the bat), and touch the opposite side of the plate. Make sure that your back is relatively straight when doing this. IF NOT, this will make it appear that you are close enough to the plate, while in reality you will be too far.

This should give you a much clearer idea of where to stand in the batter’s box. Remember, you still need to feel comfortable where you are setting up to hit!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Where Should Baseball/Softball Players Stand in the Batter’s Box, where I will explain whether it is better to stand closer or further from the pitcher!