Why is Using a Batting Tee Important?

Post date: Aug 29, 2014 8:36:19 PM

One of the most overlooked things in improving a baseball or softball swing is a batting tee. Many kids that I work with on hitting think they don’t need to use a tee. One particular student around seven years old once told me that, “I already did t-ball” and that “I don’t need to use a tee.” Hitting is one of the most difficult things to do in any sport, but using a tee can help improve baseball and softball players' swings.

Every private batting lesson that I do starts with a tee. It is a great way to get warmed up but, most importantly, it provides INSTANT FEEDBACK. If a player swings and misses in a game, it is difficult to realize what he or she is doing wrong. However, when using a tee, the players can see exactly what is happening. There are three main things that can happen:

1. The player swings below the ball and hits the tee

2. The player swings above the ball and whiffs on it (missing the ball completely)

3. The player swings and makes solid contact with the ball

After one of the above things occur, the baseball/softball player (or coach) can learn and adjust for the next swing. As one of my coaches use to say, “Practice doesn’t make perfect but PERFECT practice makes perfect!” There are tens of different drills that can be done on a tee and I am excited to share some of these hitting drills (that I use during my baseball and softball instruction in Arizona) with you!

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