We all know parents want what’s best for their kid, on and off the field. With this in mind, here are many popular questions about private batting lessons. Many are probably the same ones you had in mind:

Q: Why does my son and/or daughter need batting lessons?

A: Private batting lessons are a great way for your son/daughter to get some one-on-one time with a coach to strengthen their hitting abilities as well as their self-confidence. It's not fun for a baseball/softball player to struggle hitting the ball during games. They come home not knowing what they did wrong during their at-bats, and it can be very frustrating for them. Confidence is such a BIG part of baseball and softball and getting one-on-one time to work on their hitting is beneficial. See what other parents are saying HERE

Games are NOT a time to be changing a swing and practicing new hitting techniques. However, private baseball lessons and instruction (off the field) is a GREAT time to have your son/daughter develop as a hitter.

Q: Doesn’t my kid get enough swings at team practices?

A: While it might seem like you are always driving your kids to practices or back from practices, many times these team practices don't give your child enough hitting time. Many times there are 12+ players on a team! Between fielding, base running, going over set plays, etc, there is just not enough time to work on a hitters mechanics and to give them an adequate amount of swings. That is why many coaches say, "I want you guys to work on your baseball skills outside of practice." They aren't lying!

Q: What can my child learn from hitting lessons?

A: This is one of the best questions a parent can and should ask! First off, I want your son or daughter to improve their confidence when they go up to the plate. How do they translate what they learn during my Scottsdale private batting lessons into their games? They LEARN and EASILY REMEMBER a few key hitting tips and secrets. In the end, your son or daughter is the one up at-bat. If coaches or parents give young baseball and softball players too much information, they won't be able to process all of it during a game. During my baseball and softball lessons, I want my students to work hard, but also feel comfortable and be willing to ask questions.

Q: What kind of drills do you do with my son or daughter?

A: As you know, there are TONS of different baseball and softball hitting drills out there. Not all of them work, but many of them do help a player develop. What I try to do is to pick out a few main flaws in your child's swing, and then focus on drills that will help strengthen those areas. When I hear kids during my Phoenix private batting lessons say that they don't like a particular type of pitch or area of pitch, I work on that with them. This helps them HAVE CONFIDENCE during games and not think too much when it really counts. See HERE for some example hitting drills that I do with my students.

Q: My teenager doesn’t listen to me, what makes you think she will listen to you?

A: This is a VERY POPULAR question that has been asked time and time again. My advantage working with teenagers is that I have a strong background in working and interacting with this age group, allowing me to effectively train them.

My experience includes:

  • Directing and leading 4, month long teen trips abroad to Peru, Spain and Costa Rica, managing 39+ U.S. kids.
  • Leading summer programs and cabins at a sleep-away camp in Seattle, Washington
  • Coaching a high school fall baseball team in Phoenix

Q: Where do you do your lessons?

A: Many of my lessons are done out of the Scottsdale Batting Cages located in North Scottsdale. This is a great facility to work in, as it has air-conditioning and both baseball and softball cages. It's a great place for batting and hitting lessons!