What to Bring

The first thing to remember to bring for hitting lessons is a baseball or softball bat! HOWEVER, The Cages and the Scottsdale Batting Cages does have a limited supply of baseball and softball bats for use, and they are free of charge.

Shoes or Turfs, NOT CLEATS or sandals! Cleats will get stuck in the facilities floor during the private baseball and/or softball lesson. Your child will not be able to use his or her legs as well as with shoes during their hitting lesson.

An optional thing to bring is a set of batting gloves. Sometimes your son or daughter will like to use batting gloves because of the amount of swings that they will take. This is recommended but not necessary for baseball or softball lessons in Phoenix/Scottsdale.

Batting helmets will also be used at times during the baseball/softball players batting lesson. If you have one, bring it!

Water is another GREAT thing to bring to your Phoenix private batting lesson with Evan White. After 30 minutes or 1 hour, I GUARANTEE that your son or daughter will be thirsty!

Last thing that is VERY IMPORTANT is to bring a good attitude! Many times batters may struggle when they are learning new concepts or participating in new drills. Stay positive and work hard! Sometimes you have to get worse to get better!

Hope you see you out at my private baseball and softball lessons in Arizona!