Fielding/Throwing Lessons

While the majority of my baseball and softball lessons are hitting, I also provide throwing and fielding instruction. Hitting is an important aspect of baseball, but you can't forget about fielding and throwing! Both fielding and throwing can help win many games. With this in mind, my fielding and throwing lessons, can help improve your son or daughters success out on the field.

Some of the drills I do during my baseball and softball lessons for fielding/throwing are:

  • How to properly hold a baseball/softball
    • 2 seam grip vs. 4 seam grip
  • What is the proper position to field a ground ball
    • glove out front vs. glove behind you
  • How to get to a ground ball
    • shuffle vs. crossing over
  • Proper arm angle when throwing a baseball/softball
    • reasons why your arm might hurt
  • Best ways to catch a baseball/softball
    • catching a ball in the web vs. a 'snow cone' grab
  • When to charge a ball coming towards you
    • bare handing vs. using your glove
  • Plus more!!!

Improve your fielding and throwing with private baseball instruction in Phoenix and Scottsdale!!!