Evan has worked with a wide range of ages and players of all levels!

Here is what some parents have said:

-"Jon is so happy and excited (made his school team)! Don't know how to thank you for giving him what he needed to try out with confidence. He is starting at 2nd base, and his coach told him he was the biggest improvement in any kid that said they wanted to play baseball, after being cut the first time!"

(Mother of Jon, age 12)

-"I would recommend Evan White to anyone looking for a hitting coach who possesses a deep knowledge of the game of baseball. Evan not only understands the proper mechanics of hitting a baseball but also has the skill to communicate his knowledge in a comprehensible and positive manner. Evan truly cares about his students becoming the best hitters that they can be and has demonstrated his passion for teaching on many occasions, encouraging my son and even attending games."

(Father of Brent, age 12)

-"Dae-il had his first practice for his new league last weekend, and your instruction help so much! He faced live pitching from kids for the first time, as well as coach pitch, and I have never seen him hit so well! He was roping line drives all over the place."

(Father of Dae-il, age 7)

-"You do a great job with the kids! I know it requires patience, and you definitely had patience with the boys and made it fun for them. I can already tell that they have improved the last few months, just by playing ball with them in the backyard. Connor asked me on the way home, if I could use some of those drills with my team? I said, of course, we do many of those drills as well, just like Coach Evan. They love going every Sunday, so thanks for working with them!"

(Head Softball Coach Boston University and aunt of Connor and Ryan, ages 5 & 7)

-"Many thanks for the work you did with him this Fall. His weak ground outs to the infield from last season have become line drives to the outfield. He went 3 for 3 in his first game and is brimming with confidence! Thanks again!

(Father of Will, age 13)

-"He looked good at practice the other day! I can really tell the difference of your coaching!"

(Mother of Tyler, age 9)

-"2 RBI single for Preslee! She's a fighter. Thanks for helping her! Her coach says she's the most improved player!"

(Mother of Preslee, age 10)

-"Grateful for all your help with both of the boys this season. Having that extra practice really made it a lot more fun for him."

-" Your starting pitcher just had 3 up and 3 down! He was looking real good! Thanks for all your hard work. (he had) 2 great hits too!"

(Mother of Will and Jared, ages 7 & 9)

-"He (Jake) is getting more confident thanks to you. Had a triple and single last Saturday. Also pitched 3 innings with 7 strikeouts!"

(Father of Jake, age 8)

-"(Jordan) had a triple to right field with bases loaded to help her team upset Desert Ridge in Mesa! 13-11."

(Father of Jordan, age 17)

-"Colin crushed one down the right field line tonight for a HOME RUN in their first USSSA tournament game tonight. I think all the hard work is paying off!"

(Mother of Colin, age 9)

-"My son took a couple of hitting lessons from Evan when we were on vacation in Phoenix. Evan really helped my son with his mechanics- keeping his head down, using his legs, shortening his stride, hand position, etc. We will go for another lessons next time we are in Phoenix- Thanks Evan!"

(Father of Davis, age 9)

-"In Hunter's game on Tuesday, he hit the ball over the left fielders head! I was very proud of him because I know he was nervous. But, you working with him made him feel more comfortable. Thanks for your help!... When he was at the plate I could see him visualize his swing routine... pretty cool!"

(Father of Hunter, age 13)

-"Thanks Evan! We appreciate all your time with Robbie. He had a great practice last night. Catching fly balls, great hitting, he had a good night!"

-"To our awesome coach- Robbie had his first pitching experience tonight at the scrimmage. 3 strikeouts! He was on fire! Coach came and asked why I hadn't mentioned he pitched. So awesome! You would be proud!!!

(Mother of Robbie, age 9)

-"Congratulations to Sophomore Sydney for being selected Paradise Valley High School's Female Athlete of the Month! All around Sydney has been a solid hard working student athlete that brings her best every single day. Currently, she is leading the PV Varsity Softball team in all hitting categories and has been very strong defensively as a starter at 3rd base"

(Paradise Valley High School, age 16)

-"Bri was showing me her swing in slow motion just like you taught her, and I said I was proud of how she listens to you. She told me that if I was you she would listen to me more!"

(Mother of Bri and Ethan, ages 7 & 12)

-"Thanks for all your help. Your guidance took him a long way and we thank you!"

(Father of Nick, age 14)

-"Tasha made the varsity team! She's been working really hard, and with your help her confidence has improved immensely!"

(Father of Tasha, age 14)

-"Ethan killed it in his tryout last night! He hit really well...The lessons are definitely paying off!"

(Mother of Ethan age 11)

-"After you left Kyle really turned it on! He hit two that were just awesome. One was so hard that the left fielder jumped out of the way to avoid being hit! Thanks for turning it around for him!"

(Father of Kyle and Adam, age 7 & 9)

-"Katie had a great game last week! Her hitting practice with you seems to be helping her quite a bit. I have noticed that she is able to hit the ball further--and get on base!"

(Mother of Katie, age 14)

-"Dylan hit a game winning grand slam Tuesday night. It soared deep over the fence!"

(Father of Dylan, age 12)

-"Hard liner for a single up the middle and a one hop double off the fence in game 1 for Andrew! Thanks for your help!"

(Father of Andrew, age 10)

-"Dylan hit a game winning grand slam Tuesday night. It soared deep over the fence!"

(Father of Dylan, age 12)

-"Hard liner for a single up the middle and a one hop double off the fence in game 1 for Andrew! Thanks for your help!"

(Father of Andrew, age 10)

-"Hunter LOVED the lesson!"

(Mother of Hunter, age 12)

-"Thomas's game was tied in the last inning with his team at bat last. Bases were loaded, 2 outs and Thomas was up to bat. They switched pitchers to make him stand and wait while their fastest pitcher threw his warm-up pitches. He had two strikes on him and then he hit the winning walk-off RBI single!!! He said he felt the pressure but tried to remember the things you taught! "

(Father of Thomas, age 9)

-"Evan, great lesson for Matt tonight! Thank you!"

(Father of Hunter, age 16)

-"Good work (Evan)! He pulled the ball in between 3rd and short. First clean hit of the season!"

(Father of Preston, age 9)

-"Max tattooed the ball in his second at-bat Saturday! Everyone was talking about it. I was so proud. He got three hits and struck out once to keep him honest!"

(Father of Max, age 7)

-"He (Lucas) loves the practice and you are making a tremendous difference in his self-confidence! Thanks!"

(Father of Lucas, age 11)

-"Maggie was a rockstar today! Made throws from her knees on the fly to second. Threw 2 girls out at second. Tagged a girl at home and flipped a passed ball to the pitcher for a tag out. Oh yeah, she also hit a legit triple!"

(Mother of Maggie, age 11)

-"Nick made the team! Coach said he was one of the best hitters! Thanks again for all your help!

-"Evan, Nick just hit an out of the park HOME RUN in his high school game!"

(Father of Nick, age 14)

-"Evan, thanks so much for your guidance and encouragement, as I have seen some progress is Katie's batting skills already!"

(Mother of Katie, age 13)

-"He (Seth) is doing really well! Batting average is .581, and on base percentage is .756. Thanks for all the help!"

(Father of Seth, age 12)

-"Sydney finished the weekend 11 for 14! 8 singles, 2 doubles, and a trip this morning to bring home 2 runners in a tie breaker! 5 RBI's total in 5 games!!!"

(Mother of Sydney, age 14)

-"After my son worked with Evan White, his hitting improved and he helped his team win their next two tournaments!"

(Father of Jack, age 12)

-"Maya killed it at her first practice this week! 2 Solid base hits and a home run! She was so excited!"

(Mother of Maya, age 10)

-"Practices have been really good. His 8u team is pretty strong. Thanks for everything you do!"

(Father of Kyle, age 8)

-"Allison had a great practice w/ you yesterday! She really likes working with you :)!"

(Mother of Allison, age 7)

-"My kiddos really enjoy working with you!"

(Mother of Sissy and George, ages 8 & 12)

-"Tyler had an awesome hit (double) to the fence!!! You would have been so proud! Thank you for all of your hard work with him!

(Mother of Tyler, age 9)

-"I just wanted to tell you that Seth wasn't that excited to come today; honestly, he thought it would be a waste of time! BUT he really had fun and could see the improvement already. We will work on everything and see you in a couple of weeks. Thanks so much!

(Mother of Seth and Roman, age 13 and 9)

-"Wyatt has his first practice last night. He was hitting very consistent and hard. His coach was impressed. Thought I would let you know! You're doing a great job and we are seeing big improvements fast. Thank you!"

(Father of Wyatt, age 8)

-"Wanted to let you know that Alyssa is playing and hitting really good this weekend! Thought you would like to know that Alyssa hit the fence between left and center. HOME RUN!!!"

(Mother of Alyssa, age 14)

-"Paige hit 1st in the line up this weekend! That was a first- she usually bats last. I guess they finally looked at her batting the last 4-5 tournaments and realized how well she's been doing!"

(Mother of Paige, age 11)

-"Thank you soooo much! The kids really loved it and I think all of us learned! Both boys said they totally got what you were saying and wanted another lesson!"

(Mother of Josh and Jack, age 8,6)

-"We have seen a tremendous difference not only in his ability, but in his attention span and work ethic for other things including school!"

(Father of Lucas, age 7)

-"Thank you for all your hard work with her (Jana)! We can really see improvement!"

"Jana was 6 for 9 yesterday (with two of her outs being line drives to the outfield)! They won 2 out of 3 games! Thank you!"

"You have been a great inspiration for Jana. No one else has ever had her batting like you do. She can't wait to hit that first home run and tell you about it!"

"Jana has her first game today and she hit a homerun on her first pitch! Then they walked her on purpose. They were scared of her!"

(Mother of Jana, age 16)

-"Gunnar had his best practice EVER this Thursday!"

(Father of Gunnar, age 9)

-"Evan, we just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to fit Evan into your schedule while we were down in Phoenix. His hitting has really improved! Thanks again and we hope you are having a great season!"

(Mother of Evan, age 11)

-"Evan... Luci (hit) off a stud pitcher one foot from over... Crushed 61 mph... So happy I could cry!"

(Father of Luci, age 14)

-"His team is 7-2 and he is leading his team in all offensive categories except RBI's! Thanks for working with my boys!"

(Father of Issac and Kyle, age 12 and 15)

-"He got two hits! He asked if he can work with you for the rest of the season! His coaches are impressed with his new swing. His swing plane looks great. Technically it looks great!"

(Father of Nolan, age 6)

-"Colin smashed FOUR doubles at his game last Wednesday and he said he owes it all to you!"

(Mother of Colin, age 9)

-"My daughter came up to me after the lesson and said, "I finally learned something new!"

(Mother of Lucy, age 16)

-"Ben hit 2 doubles and a single last game. Sophie went 3 for 3, all good singles. Zach has had a hit in every at bat with coach pitch!"

(Father of Ben, Sophie, Zach, ages 12,11,7)

-"Jackon and Diego had great games! Jackson went 1-3 with 2 RBI's. Diego went 3-3 scored 2 runs and had 2 RBI's! They hit the ball well and their swings were great! They ended up winning 7-1. Great all around!"

(Father of Diego, age 7)

-"George just hit a 2-run walk off HR in the bottom of the 6th to win 5-4 in Cooperstown!"

(Father of George, age 12)

-"Mary hit a homerun and batted in 2 runs!!! Yeah! Thanks for all your help Evan!"

(Mother of Mary, age 15)

-"He (Andrew) took BP at a clinic today and I saw some great results! We look forward to working with you again soon"

(Father of Andrew, age 10)

-"Diego killed it at tryouts this morning! It was fun to watch!"

(Father of Diego, age 8)

-"Hunter did great (2 triples and one in-the-park home run)! Thanks for all your help!"

(Mother of Hunter, age 13)

-"Samuel had a great hit and an RBI! You have helped both of them so much!"

(Mother of Will and Sam, age 8 and 11)

-"Hey Evan! Just wanted to give you heads up that Christopher had his first hit tonight in baseball and he scored!"

(Father of Chris, age 7)

-"Patrick's swing has been a lot better in practice and (he) knocked one over the left fielder down the line. Thanks for the help!"

(Father of Dennis, age 9)

-"Jaedon got a triple yesterday; he crushed one in the gap in left center!"

(Father of Jaedon, age 11)

-“Matthew made the team (Chaparral freshman team)! Thanks for all your work with him.”

(Father of Matt, age 14)

-"She finished last night 3 for 3! She hit a homer, triple, double and had 8 rbi's."

(Father of Sydney, age 12)

-“Sami had a good tryout. She looks really good. Thanks!”

(Father of Sami, age 9)

-"He did really good last night! His stance looked excellent and he made contact!"

(Mother of Charlie, age 11)

-"Thanks for all you have done for Dillon... If nothing else... the confidence you have give him has helped immensely."

-"Can't thank you enough Evan! Seeing him set up (in the batters box) if proof you are making a difference in my son's baseball career!"

(Mother and Grandmother of Dillon, age 11)

-"Ms. Eden just hit a homerun! Yipee!! Out of the park!"

(Mother of Eden, age 15)

-"RJ really hit the ball well last night at practice. He hit one to deep center, and pulled one in left that landed just 10 feet from the fence. He was excited!"

(Father of RJ, age 11)